Руна Беркана - значення та докладне тлумачення

Rune Berkana – meaning and detailed interpretation

This Rune is associated with the birch tree, and this is no coincidence. Once upon a time in antiquity it was believed that birch is the keeper of women’s souls. Birch is a female tree, and Runa Berkana embodies female, maternal energy. This is a midwife rune and is often used to increase protection for a woman.

If this Rune fell out to you, then most likely maternal energy is active in you now, and you have taken an understanding, sensitive and caring position. Surrounding, and especially close people trust you and appreciate the atmosphere of peace, tranquility, soft protection, joy that you create.

Berkana will help pregnant and lactating women, enhance the qualities of motherhood that you can apply in raising children and communicating with them. Bring happiness to the family, provide everything you need. If problems arise in your family, Runa will support you in solving them and teach you how to use a gentle approach for this.

If you are in business, then Berkana will provide protection and patronage to your new projects. This is the Rune of fertility, it promotes development and growth. It will be useful for those who grow plants and animals. Also in the layout, this Rune may indicate that your situation is related to some woman.

In medicine, it is used to treat female diseases, improve hormonal levels, and give a woman youth. It will also help with female diseases, painful menstruation and infertility.

Inverted meaning – difficulties, anxiety, conflicts, lack of luck in business.