Buy Runes or make them yourself?

We have finished getting acquainted with all the runes (you can read the description here). Now let’s talk about what is better – to purchase a ready-made set of Runes or to make it yourself. I think everyone who begins to study runes asks this question.

Wood species

Choosing a tree is also not an easy task and can take a long time. Because if you make runes only for personal use, you have to “talk” with different types of trees to feel their energy and your interaction.

All trees are different, each has its own character, its own aura. Very positive energy comes from many trees, but you will get a real strong connection and unity only from one.

Feelings of a purchased and self-made set

I think it will not be a secret that there is a difference in how the purchased and self-made kit feel. But this does not mean at all that one of them works worse, and the other is better. Just in the case of self-manufacturing, you are involved in the entire creation process. This process starts from the very idea, and to the physical implementation.

With this set, you have already initially established a connection. It may take a long time to establish connection with the purchased kit.

Recommendations for making and purchasing

It may seem obvious, but the set you purchase should be to your liking. It should look so that it is always pleasant for you to look at it, to take it in your hands. By constantly exchanging positive energy with the Runes, you strengthen your connection with them. Runes should look nice and neat. To make you want to contact them.

Buy Runes or make them yourself… I would advise you to listen to your inner voice first of all. If you really like the set you have chosen, if you trust the master, then you will have no problem making friends with the Runes.

In the event that you feel the desire to make a set yourself, then why deprive yourself of such an opportunity? In this process, you can create a unique DIY magic tool that will help you.

I hope that this article has helped you make a choice, and soon you will have your own set of magical Runes.