bad inclinations of a person palmistry

Characteristics of dangerous personalities

Dangerous individuals can also be called those who have not stepped onto the black path of vice and crime, but under unfavorable circumstances can show their “talents” as the stars predict. Anyone can get into trouble and lose their head. To avoid becoming a victim of a swindler, thief, libertine, etc., the most frequently encountered characteristics of such personalities are given below, which are especially well understood after gaining experience.

Greed and lust. Here, for example, we will take women, because an unrestrained woman in her desires and immoral aspirations is more frightening than any man.

Greedy women are usually taller than average height. Hair is black and close to temples. Skull seems compressed. Low forehead. Skin is dark but pale. Dark, shiny eyes with a piercing gaze. Black eyebrows that are almost fused. Sharp nose with slightly open nostrils. Teeth were very white in youth but deteriorate greatly over time. Hands are usually dry, long and knotty. Heart Line has no branches. Head Line is long and straight. Signs on the hand may indicate a love of pleasure because greed and pleasure belong to the material world.

A woman with a sweet tooth has plump and large hands, very close to men’s. Short fingers, soft and moist hands, with a well-defined Venus ring. Long and red double Life Line. Heart Line is split at its beginning. The Venus hill is extremely well-developed, strongly convex and incised by fine thin lines. There are many fine lines on the Mars plateau.

Sweet-toothed women can also have white-skinned hands, with shining blue veins. However, danger can only come from such a woman if she has very deep and clear emotional and mental marks, indicating her ability to manipulate others.

Predisposition to murder. This type is characterized more often by reddish skin, sometimes earthy in color. Owners of reddish skin can commit murder in a fit of anger or passion, earthy skin – as a result of envy and malice. The first have sparkling eyes, their gaze is motionless, insolent, while the second have dull, expressionless, cruel eyes. Both types have a predominantly rigid hand, the thumb is spherical in shape, the fingers are twisted. Next to the main line of Life is an accompanying line, but only below; the lines of Life and Head do not have a common beginning, there is a large space between them; the Head line is followed by one or two circles. The nails are very short and curved.

A person who can go to murder as a result of losing control has a quite wide and deep line of Life at its beginning, later there are chaotic red dots on it. His Heart line is distorted at the beginning, sharply drops down to the Head line, forming a semi-circle and is lost in it, not reaching the Life line. A passionate, adventurous and hot-tempered debater is defined by a cross on the Mars plain. As such a debater easily loses his composure, he is also considered potentially dangerous.

Inclination to theft. Thiefs often have harsh, curly hair. Skin color is yellowish. The eyes are very mobile and the gaze is scattered. The chin is sharp. The shoulders are round. The fingers are long, dry, knotty, spatula-like or sharp-tipped. The Head line is wavy and broken. There is a cross or grid on the Mercury mount. Thick red lines extend from the base of the mercury finger to the Mercury mount. On the third (material) joint of the mercury finger there is a sharp line, similar to a cut.

Tendency to lie. Liars have a strongly developed hill of the Moon. The index finger is short. The fingers are sharp-tipped, with too much space at the base between them. The Life line splits into two branches near the wrist. The Head line is short and broken. There are many crossbars between the Life line and the Head line.