The Fool Major Arcana Tarot

Major Arcana Tarot Fool

In previous articles, I mentioned the Witching Tarot deck, because thanks to them you can use magic by casting spells, but I will devote you to this a little later, after we study the meaning of the cards themselves.

So, let’s start studying the meaning and symbols of the Tarot, let’s start with digital (numbered) cards. Pick up your cards and find the 0th Major Arcana, called the Fool. Symbolizes the sacred essence of the Tarot deck. The character is young and inspired, his appearance demonstrates openness to life and power. His youthful carelessness in his appearance shows the desire to feel life and breathe deeply, goes along the thorny road to overcome the trials that he will meet on his way.

At his feet is a white dog – a symbol of animal instinct or means our five physical senses that help in traveling around the world, as well as reason that helps people to be guided by the knowledge of the Universe. The Fool character himself is a symbol of the Creative Power of the Lord, which leads and accompanies throughout our lives.

The bright yellow sky above the head of the figure, well, everything is simple here, it means enlightenment.

The white sun in the right corner of the card symbolizes the special power that is the source of our spirituality, it is the Lord himself who acts in this capacity.

In a straight position in the layout, it symbolizes the adoption of an important decision for a person, as well as a good opportunity to start something new. A person is looking for his happiness, goes through life with his head held high to the call of his dream. He has fresh ideas and he takes decisive, confident steps towards them. In this position, the Fool says who does not take risks does not win. Uranus is an astrological association.

The inverted position is a very dubious situation in which careful and careful planning must be done. It symbolizes extreme recklessness and irresponsibility, dangerous behavior for oneself.

As you can see, the map is very interesting, it has many meanings, and most importantly, it teaches you not to miss your chance, to look boldly into the future, to enjoy the changes, because the bright sun illuminates the road. Live for today and confidently move towards your dream.

Strengthens the meaning in the layout

Strengthens the value in the layout of the Star, which means purity and chastity, in its presence the Fool is in the process of enlightenment.

Hanged to the Eccentric strengthens both the connection with the Universe and the natural passion for life.

The card of the Court intensifies the spiritual hypostasis of the fortuneteller in the layout, the appeal to his soul, embraces with delight and amazement.

The Three of Wands means that the fortuneteller has found a reliable support and indicates a successful outcome of all undertakings.

I showed several options for strengthening the Fool, in the future we will analyze a few more options.

Weakens the value in the layout

The Devil, Death, Two of Swords and Hierophant cards weaken in the layout.

The devil, one of the black cards of the deck, symbolizes the perverted human consciousness, the fortuneteller does not strive for spiritual knowledge, he is burdened with worldly weaknesses.

Death is the collapse of undertakings or wrong decisions taken by the fortuneteller.

The Hierophant, even his attire, indicates to the Fool that he is dependent on material wealth, the fortuneteller’s attraction to the undivided power at home, at work. Traditional knowledge Fool does not want to comprehend.

The two of swords admonishes the fortuneteller, the need to gather strength and finally make a decision.