Rune Ansuz - meaning and detailed interpretation

Rune Ansuz – meaning and detailed interpretation

This rune denotes a god, she is patronized by Odin. She is a symbol of wisdom, signs sent from above and divine messages. Ansuz is associated with intellectual activity, intelligence, power of thought and inspiration.

Shamans consider this Rune the personification of ancient knowledge and messages from the gods. It gives a person insight, intuition, allows you to understand people and predict the course of events. Helps develop communication skills and the ability to perceive new things. The rune helps in the development of oratory. It helps to successfully negotiate and convince the interlocutor that he is right. It can become an indispensable talisman for people whose professional activities are related to speech and language – that is, for poets, writers, journalists.

In general, this Rune is suitable for people who often need to convince their interlocutors and opponents of the correctness and significance of their arguments. Ansuz promotes the disclosure of intuition and self-expression through creative activity, especially through writing.

Also, the Rune will seriously help anyone who practices magic, it will allow you to establish and strengthen communication with the gods and restore long-lost knowledge. In addition, diagnosticians can successfully use it.