Rune Hagalaz - meaning and detailed interpretation

Rune Hagalaz – meaning and detailed interpretation

Symbolizes the city. The city destroys, but it also creates. It can destroy crops, plants, but after it melts, it transforms into water and begins to nourish the earth.

Hagalaz destroys everything old and obsolete, and thus gives rise to a new one. This Rune is associated with goddesses, primarily with the norns, especially with the goddess Urd. Hagalaz carries dark energy, often associated with witchcraft. It reveals the obsolete, that which impedes development and helps to destroy it. These changes are prepared on a subconscious level.

Hagalaz also helps to identify unpleasant old memories, such as childhood traumas, and say goodbye to them. This is important, since repressed resentments reinforce those behaviors that have long been ineffective and do not lead to positive results in adulthood. Helps restore lost balance.

The rune is able to create a crisis in order to aggravate the situation to the limit. A person, taking advantage of this, has a chance to get rid of past fears and illusions. After that, relief is usually felt and liberation occurs. Such an explosion provides energy to exit the problem area.

With the help of Hagalaz, you can get out of a situation that constantly brought vague anxiety. It will help you see a clearer outline of the problem and bring it to the surface. It helps to eliminate attachments, break relationships, get rid of habits.

In general, Hagalaz symbolizes the aggravation through which a person acquires liberation.

Reversed – dangerous life path, crisis, catastrophe, enemies, despair.