Овен. описание знака зодиака

Aries – a characteristic of the zodiac sign

Aries is the zodiac that marked the beginning of the horoscope.

Aries – born in the period from March 21 to April 20 – fire signs, ruled by Mars – purposeful individuals, prone to authoritarianism. Often for them there is only their opinion and it is important for them to be leaders.

Aries and Success

Aries take on all matters with great enthusiasm and self-confidence, they are ready to go over their heads, but at the same time, as quickly as they light up with new ideas, they fade away and look for other hobbies for themselves, often not finishing what they started. But if they still managed to find their life’s work, only criticism of people close to him can lead astray to achieving the goals of Aries. Support and motivation – allow them to feel confident in any endeavors.

Advantages and disadvantages of Aries

Aries is stubborn and ambitious.

The strength of Aries is – self-confidence, in their abilities, and decisions. Thanks to this, they often achieve what they want. Submission and helpfulness are not his qualities. They prefer to work for themselves, or take a leadership position. But due to the overestimation of their strength, they often fail to notice sudden troubles in the form of worthy competition.

Aries – without ideas, he can easily fall into depressive states, in which he becomes unbearable, closes and runs away from communication with people for a long time. Prone to conflict, unable to apologize and intolerant of others.

Love and relationships

It is very important for Aries to know that they have someone to take care of. Love is also a very important part of their life. Representatives of the fire element can build long-term relationships with people who will easily share their interests with them, but it is also important that their partner has his own hobbies so as not to alienate Aries’ attention to his lover. They need the maximum emotional return from a loved one, but they themselves suppress emotions in themselves, as they consider themselves weak when they show their feelings excessively.