знак зодиака телец гороскоп

Taurus – a characteristic of the zodiac sign

Taurus is the second sign in the zodiac horoscope.

Taurus – born in the period from April 21 to May 20 – signs of the earth, ruled by Venus – dreamy, practical, reliable. They are patient and persistent in creating comfortable conditions for their lives. But they find it difficult to learn something new and feel insecure when they find themselves in an unfamiliar environment. Impressive, with a well-developed intuition, at first they think carefully before doing anything.

Taurus and Success

Taurus are passive personalities, they often go with the flow, rather than take risks and leave their comfort zone. But at the same time, they are quite hardworking in areas in which they can express themselves.

Art historians, financiers, real estate specialists are the professions most suitable for Taurus to ensure their good life. It can also successfully develop in the field of psychology and even be a medium, if it can cultivate a sense of empathy in itself.

Advantages and disadvantages of Taurus

Slightly lazy, with an excessive love of pleasure, stubborn – all this description fits Taurus exactly. Negatively perceives unpleasant events and dubious companies. Always seems to be calm, but is most often passive-aggressive. Restraint of emotions over time develops into scandals over trifles. Despite all the shortcomings of Taurus, they are very sensitive to others, with good intuition, philosophers at heart.

Love and relationships

Very loving and romantic. They are looking for a couple for a long time, but in their choice they are constant. If his half does not change him and contradict the principles, a successful, reliable marriage can develop.

Taurus is attractive to the opposite sex, open and sociable. Charming and have strong nerves. They are self-critical, they know how to make fun of themselves, so it is extremely difficult to offend him.

Taurus love stability and are hardy and patient in family problems.