рак знак зодиака

Cancer – a characteristic of the zodiac sign

Cancer is the fourth sign in the zodiac horoscope.

Cancers – born in the period from June 22 to July 22 – water signs, under the control of the Moon – temperamental, reasonable, mysterious personalities.

Cancer and success

Cancerians have an analytical mindset. In any case, they behave carefully, rarely take risks. This is especially true for work. They always work not for speed, but for a good result. Attentive to their tasks and to the tasks of their colleagues, always ready to listen and help. Due to their perseverance and indifference, they often grow to a leadership position. Crayfish leaders are quite strict and demanding, but they know the measure of everything, they try to be both a boss and a friend.

Advantages and disadvantages of Cancers

Cancer at first glance is not the most emotional sign of the zodiac. Often prefers to be alone with himself.

When meeting new people, he is careful to avoid setbacks and disappointments. In the early stages of dating, it can seem cold and distant. But this is only an outer shell, he skillfully hides his true emotions and feelings. At the same time, he is very empathetic to others, always knows what is in their hearts, ready to listen, support and give advice. Cancers with a very large life experience and their advice is worth listening to. It inspires confidence, besides, it does not arise from scratch, but alas, it will take a long time before the owner of this zodiac sign begins to trust you. Be careful if you undermine the trust of Cancer – he will immediately break off any ties with you, which will be extremely difficult to renew, and maybe even impossible.

Love and relationships

Although Cancers are somewhat introverted by nature, they are quite proactive in relationships and are looking for a permanent and stable partner. True, their initiative quickly fades away and over time they passively expect steps towards love from their soulmate. In a relationship, they are loyal, faithful, but never forget about themselves. Due to their vindictiveness and emotional secrecy, it can sometimes be difficult to build relationships. But they strive for a strong and friendly family. Separation or the end of a relationship is experienced for a long time and painfully.