Лев характеристика знака

Leo – a characteristic of the zodiac sign

Leo is the fifth sign in the zodiac horoscope.

Leo – born between July 23 and August 23 – fire signs ruled by the Sun – proud and narcissistic personalities.

Lions and Success

Leos depend on the opinions of others. For them, approval is important, this applies to both everyday affairs and achievements at work. At the same time, without receiving approval, they will not show in any way that they were hurt. They will show their superiority in every possible way, even if this does not correspond to reality. However, their self-confidence often helps them. This trait helps you achieve success at work and any of your life goals. They make excellent organizers of the work process, but at the same time, when promoted, they become very strict and demanding bosses. Thanks to the ability to impress, he enjoys prestige among colleagues.

Leo overcomes any difficulties with special ingenuity. Possesses fortitude and decisive character.

Advantages and disadvantages of Lviv

To please the Lions, flatter them more. Those born under this zodiac sign are greedy for flattery, attention and luxury. Among the people who flatter him, he will choose his favorites. But be sure, choosing you, he will be a true friend and will always stand up for you with a mountain. Even when in some situation you are wrong or do some wrong thing, he will take responsibility for what he did. Has an irresistible zest for life. Keep any criticism towards Leo to yourself. He is quite proud and selfish. Nevertheless, he knows how to show all his negative qualities in a positive way, and thanks to this, most often in society he appears in a good light.

Love and relationships

Just like flattery, he is greedy for the attention of the opposite sex. Requires a lot of attention. He himself is willing to deprive his partner of his sensitivity. But this applies to short novels. Which he starts for the sake of feeling his own superiority. The more admirers this zodiac sign has, the better for him, ready to rush from one love pool to another. But in relation to himself, he does not forgive betrayal. But having truly fallen in love, Leo envelops his soul mate with his love and care, and forgets about everything except her. From her, he expects the same return and devotion. If this is the case, Leo may even give in to his pride and ego for the sake of maintaining a strong, lasting relationship, which will also lead to a strong marriage union.