High Priestess Major Arcana Tarot

High Priestess Major Arcana Tarot

The second card of the Major Arcana is the High Priestess, the sacred card of the Tarot deck, and presides over the rest of the Major Arcana. In her hands the priestess holds a scroll of “TORO” personifies the Supreme Secret Law known only to her alone.

Water flows from the magnificent beautiful robe of the Priestess – a symbol of the power of the subconscious, that is, the subconscious, clairvoyance and prophetic gift, intuition and telepathy.

The veil falling on both sides reflects in the character different aspects of the subconscious, the unique ability of the human psyche to connect the Coming Time, the Present and the Past into a single knot.

The head is crowned with a diadem in the center of which the Moon is comfortably located, it has always symbolized changes, and at the feet of the Priestess lies the Crescent, it symbolizes cyclicity. Lunar phases symbolize secret nuances or a hint of them, the ability to influence them.

The neck of the High Priestess is adorned with an amber and jet necklace. These stones emphasize the character’s status, because jet is responsible for intuition, and amber is able to enhance intelligence. These qualities are very important and necessary for the High Priestess. The character does not lean towards the waning moon, but towards the energy of the growing phase. She belongs neither to the world of darkness nor to the world of light. The character of the High Priestess took a position of neutrality and occupied a central position on the map.

The Virgin Goddess of the card invites to the study of secrets, the manifestation of prudence. It is necessary to listen to such wise words, the knowledge of one’s inner world and the opportunity to plunge into the secret field of knowledge.

The keywords of the High Priestess are wisdom and intuition, inner balance and learning to remain neutral. Initiation into inner knowledge is the all-consuming magic of the growing phase of the moon and the lunar natural magic itself.

Astrologically associated, of course, with the Moon.

Associated with deities – Artemis, the Virgin Goddess and Persephone.

In an inverted position, it is associated with the suppression of feelings, life imbalance, warns of untapped potential.

Strengthening and Weakening of the card in the layout

The High Priestess is strengthened by the Hermit and the Hanged Man, the four and five of swords.

The Hanged Man strengthens the card with a connection with the Universe, the Hermit strengthens the balance between “black” and “white”. The Four of Swords means rest and peace in your inner world, and the Five of Swords indicates the end of any action. Thanks to this, the High Priestess enhances the Secrets of Higher Knowledge, secret nuances and cyclicity in the layout. All this says that it is necessary for the fortuneteller to devote more time to the knowledge of spirituality in order to wisely influence the current situation, good changes have already come.

Weaken the symbols of the High Priestess in the layout of the Magician, two, seven and eight staffs. The magician indicates that eating is an undesirable effect on the striving for perfection. It slows down the process of achieving great achievements, and the physical flesh of a person suffers from the influence of the Magician himself and material wealth. Staffs are an unfavorable stop in life and betrayal.