The Empress Major Arcana Tarot

The Empress Major Arcana Tarot

The third card of the Major Arcana The character of the Tarot deck is a symbol of nature and growth. She sits on a high throne in the Garden of Eden, this is what becomes the personification of the earthly paradise. In her hands, the Empress holds a Scepter crowned with a ball, the ball is a symbol of the Blue Planet, indicating that the natural world is subject to her.

The Empress in an “interesting” position is the embodiment of universal fertility, the entrance to earthly life opens behind the gates. The winding road leads outside the garden, symbolizing the secret that is known to the Empress herself and she will reveal it only to the worthy.

In numerology, 3 symbolizes growth, procreation, multiplication. The ordinal number of the Empress is three. This is what it means in the layout of the successful outcome of any undertakings.

The sheaf of wheat and flowers indicate that the Empress is associated with the ancient mother goddesses Isis and Demeter. Flowers have five petals – this is a natural pentagram. The halo of the figures on the map formed 12 stars, a symbol of the 12 signs of the zodiac.

The Empress is wearing a chic green dress, which symbolizes the triumph of life, nature and prosperity.

In the Witching deck, the neck of the Empress is adorned with a necklace of 9 pearls, pearls are a symbol of the steady power of creating the earthly and universal world. In the background of such a map is a stormy sky with gray heavy clouds. It seems that now they will spill on the ground as raindrops, life-giving moisture for all life on Earth. Green grass, dense foliage of the forest, a cascade of a swift river along the slope is another symbol of female magnetism. At the feet of the Empress, the Sorcery deck symbolizes incredible fertility and unquenchable energy.

In the layout, the Empress points to rebirth, motherhood, fertility, calls for respect for the foundations of Mother Nature.

The key to the Empress card is the Mother Goddess, her feminine power, sexuality, creation and birth. At the heart of all this is the protection of the hearth and love. The power of nature and the full moon.

Association with the Goddesses Isis, Selene, Demeter, Venus (Aphrodite), Gaia and Mother Nature herself.

In the scenario, the Empress paired with the Ace of Cups indicates that pregnancy is expected, and the pair of the Empress and the Ace of Wands already exists.

Strengthening and Weakening of the card in the layout

Weaken the Empress in the layout of the Emperor card, which indicates the presence of serious problems. The Death card indicates the problems of the material shell, problems in love.

The Four and Nine of Pentacles indicate problems with material wealth, a decrease in stability and prosperity.

The Lovers card reinforces the symbolism of the Empress, strengthening the triune nature of the fortuneteller, and the Star brings revelation to a person in his daily life, the connection with the Universe is strengthened and the soul enters the path of enlightenment.

The Seven of Pentacles and the Nine of Cups open up new opportunities for the questioner, and the cups speed up the fulfillment of desires.