Рыбы знак зодиака

Pisces – a characteristic of the zodiac sign

Pisces is the twelfth sign of the zodiac horoscope.

Pisces – born between February 20 and March 20 – water signs ruled by Neptune – creative, sensitive, artistic natures.

They have extraordinary wisdom.

Responsive, but because of this quality, they often encounter manipulators and often suffer from this.

Nevertheless, stand in any other life difficulties. In addition, they are stress-resistant and adapt well to any environment.

Pisces and success

They are very talented and excel in their creative fields.

Painters, musicians, composers and actors are all about Pisces.

Pisces are sociable personalities. Perfect for any sport. Being a member of the team is a pleasure for them.

In order for cooperation with Pisces to be successful, you need to have a good, close relationship with them and one look at tasks, projects and goals.

Pisces can both get rich and be in the middle or below the average. Because this zodiac sign stands for equality. But at what level of income to be depends only on their personal considerations.

Advantages and disadvantages of Pisces

One person under the sign of Pisces can be the complete opposite of another person of the same zodiac sign. One will be a dreamy idealist, a bright and bright person. The second will be phlegmatic, closed and depressive.

But both types of Pisces are aesthetes. They notice everything beautiful; they are well versed in all fashion trends and follow them. Art critics who love nature.

Love and relationships

As for love, Pisces love purely and selflessly. They are the ones who truly love. This zodiac sign is passionate and caring. But alas, loyalty is not their strong quality.

Despite this, rarely does love happen in their lives, as strong as a pair of swans. In this case, the feelings will not subside, and they will remain faithful throughout their lives.

It can be difficult for Pisces partners. After all, you need to constantly be attentive to their mood. To prevent the bells of depression in time.