Водолей знак зодиака

Aquarius — a characteristic of the zodiac sign

Aquarius – born in the period from January 21 to February 19 – air signs under the control of Uranus – dreamers, idealists, individuals with good intuition.

The nature of Aquarius is quite changeable, but despite this, they do not like change. They often contradict themselves. Their main condition for life is independence.

Aquarius and Success

With the owners of this zodiac sign, even the most fantastic and seemingly impossible project can be carried out.

Thanks to their love for experiments and the fact that they are not afraid to take risks and stand out, they achieve any of their goals and heights.

But still, they have some qualities to work on. And there is a very low concentration of them and there is a share of frivolity, which sometimes interferes.

Advantages and disadvantages of Aquarius

Aquarians are creative natures; they are full of energy and optimism.

Impressive and friendly. They know how to find profitable connections for themselves.

They don’t tend to get attached to people.

They live exclusively in a positive mood for the future.

They are not afraid of responsibility. They take it upon themselves for their friends and relatives.

Intellectuals, spiritual growth is also important for them. But they have weak willpower.

Quite stubborn and contradictory.

Love and relationships

A soul mate – that’s who Aquarius is looking for. But at the same time, as already described above, even in relationships there must be independence and freedom. It is important for them to spend time with their friends exactly as much time as they need, and not as much as the second half allows them. Under no circumstances should their freedom be restricted.

In a relationship, this zodiac sign will never pretend. If they nevertheless finds a life partner for themselves, they will make every effort for a good atmosphere from living together, and later in the family.