isa rune

Runa Isa – meaning and detailed interpretation

The rune Isa means “ice”. Water that moved and stopped moving. This Rune is associated with the Norn of Verdandi. Verdandi controls the present. Symbolizes preservation, avoidance of change. Contraction, conservation, slowdown, immobility. With the help of the Isa Rune, you can freeze the situation, prevent it from developing. It is used in formulas compiled in order to prevent the development of the disease. It really freezes, but does not cure the disease.

This is necessary for fast-flowing diseases, as well as for alcoholism. It’s like time stops. If any aggression is directed at you, Isa will help to freeze it. In communication, it helps to resist pressure. If Isa falls out in the layout, this suggests that for now it is not worth waiting for changes and deliberately forcing events – it can even be dangerous.

However, if the situation is in the process of being resolved, you need to choose one goal and focus completely on it. In a relationship, it can mean a lack of passion, feelings, suspension of development, cooling, waiting and procrastination, observation. Isa allows you to see the essence of what is happening, stopping and not succumbing to the movement of inertia.

Has no inverted meaning.