Руна Йера

Rune Hyera – meaning and detailed interpretation

Symbolizes the harvest, year, fertility. It personifies the change of seasons, the rhythm of events, the cycle, the change. This rune is associated with the god Balzd and the god Hed. Everything changes, repeating itself, everything is in a cycle.

This Rune can help speed up the development of events or, conversely, slow them down, depending on your specific situation and goal. Helps in resolving legal issues and restoring justice. Shows causal relationships that repeat.

If Yera falls in a straight position in a layout, this means that long-awaited joyful events and positive changes should occur in your life, and a new stage will soon begin. You will get everything you deserve and will be satisfied with the final results.

In medicine, it is associated with the process of regeneration, the circulatory system. Promotes rejuvenation and access to the road of recovery from a long illness. It is also used during pregnancy in order for this process to end with a successful birth.

Has no inverted meaning.