Rune Dagaz - meaning and detailed interpretation

Rune Dagaz – meaning and detailed interpretation

This Rune represents the beginning of growth, rebirth. A new cycle is starting, a new stage. The rune gives energy to start over. A new day is coming, and it is necessary to let go of yesterday. Be ready to accept change.

When Dagaz falls out in a layout, it means that something new will come in some of the areas of your life. If you want to complete a certain period, refer to this Rune – it will help you. Perhaps you are depressed or apathetic – Dagaz will lead you to a new state of mind. Maybe you are sick and your recovery is slow – Dagaz will bring it closer. If you can’t complete what you started because you constantly run into obstacles, Dagaz will help you eliminate them. It is necessary to realize the area in which you want to complete.

In relationships, this Rune will help move to a new stage. It will be necessary to draw conclusions. The significance of Dagaz is twofold in the sense that the transition to a new stage does not always imply a transition to the better. Therefore, when working with this Rune, you need to more accurately determine the area in which you are going to make a breakthrough and your goal.

Sometimes Dagaz can be a harbinger of death. However, this is often a symbolic death – the old and irrelevant dies off.

With the help of this Rune, you can also carry out a powerful change in yourself, it will help with self-development. In medicine, it is responsible for tissue regeneration. You will need to give up bad habits and reconsider your lifestyle.