Руна Одал – значення та докладне тлумачення

Rune Odal – meaning and detailed interpretation

Means “ownership”. Until the 14th century in Scandinavia, people could own a piece of land – an odal, which they inherited. However, it could not be exchanged or sold or disposed of in any way at one’s discretion.

Odal is a Rune that protects the house and all its inhabitants from outside invasion, destruction, and also strengthens family and family ties. It can be drawn on the roof of a house or door and thus bless the home. It can also mean any other property, land, however, this does not include movable property.

Helps to reconnect with parents, ancestors and lineage – any relatives who are older. It also indicates the eldest in the family or the head of the family. In the scenario, the appearance of Odal may mean that you will acquire an inheritance. If you are planning to purchase any property, then do not neglect the help of older relatives.

In general, Odal personifies independence, security, help, stability and support. In medicine, it is mainly used to treat the elderly.

Reversed – financial problems, delays, painful events, disappointments. You need to take care of loved ones and take part in their affairs, especially if they ask for your help.