Rune Evaz - meaning and detailed interpretation

Rune Evaz – meaning and detailed interpretation

Evaz is translated as mare, horse, horse. Associated with the god Loki, who changed his appearance and turned into a mare. He gave birth to the colt Sleipnir. Sleipnir means “sliding”. The god Odin rode this stallion.

This is the rune of movement, it contains movement and progress. It can be used if for a long time it is not possible to get some business off the ground. Horse and rider are always together, as one whole – they complement each other. Therefore, Evaz is also associated with favorable partnerships. It will be a productive interaction, the achievement of a common goal.

In order to start moving, you need to realize your intention. The rune gives a very powerful impetus. Supports at risk. Promises good luck in complex projects. Ideal for creating new risky projects. Since Runa Evaz is associated with movement, it will help you on your journey, and not only in the material world, but also in other realities.

This is the Rune of the Path in the broad sense of the word, however, this is not just a movement, but an active impulse. You will reach the goal, and the outcome will be favorable. Support for people in management positions. On a psychological level, Evaz means a way out of apathy and depression, the emergence of energy for action. It can cure long-term chronic diseases. Reversed – nervousness, haste, thoughtlessness. We need to freeze the situation.