Руна Манназ - значення та докладне тлумачення

Rune Mannaz – meaning and detailed interpretation

Mannaz means “man”, “man”. This Rune represents all mankind, as well as the progenitor of people. In divination, it means reflection, self-knowledge, introspection. If you are guessing at some situation, Mannaz advises listening to the advice of other people and not neglecting outside help.

The rune contributes to the acquisition of such qualities as awareness, inner balance, consistency, taking responsibility. This is the Rune of internal adjustment and the establishment of important processes within oneself. Perhaps now it is best to be quiet for a while and listen to the inner voice. However, if you find it difficult to see the answer in yourself, turn to other people. Your mental state will become more stable, peace and balance will come. Difficulties are mostly in your head, and you need to come to an inner balance. The rune also helps to calm down and tune in for treatment.

Inverted meaning – lack of communication skills, difficulties in relations with society, people. The environment seems to be hostile. You are overly suspicious and incredulous.