Rune Fehu – meaning and detailed interpretation

This Rune denotes material well-being, its patron gods are Njord, Freyr and Freya. In ancient times, it symbolized cattle, which in those days was the main indicator of prosperity, now Fehu is identified with money, various movable property and health.

It contributes to the awakening of a special internal energy, which is in no way connected with the social status of a person, but is inherent in everyone from the very beginning, from the moment of birth. This energy impulse will be directed to the acquisition and increase of capital, but not as a result of its accumulation, but through the discovery and application of new opportunities and solutions.

Fehu helps in the speedy payment of debts and assists everyone who seeks to realize their potential, giving preference to active work. In addition, it also denotes the spiritual capabilities and abilities of a person, his talents and inclinations for creative self-expression.

The rune promotes new beginnings and creative impulses, giving them the necessary initial impetus. In the area of ​​personal relationships, it will be useful in strengthening physical ties between partners. Fehu also contributes to a person’s exit from apathy, depressive and oppressed states.

In an inverted meaning, the Rune means loss of money, creative stagnation and lack of strength for new achievements, or negative character traits, such as self-interest, despotism and cowardice.