The World Major Arcana Tarot

The World Major Arcana Tarot

When examining the World map, you can see the very perfection of the Great Universe, it is here that all secrets and more are hidden. Thanks to the Universe, a special state of the soul appears, which gives the Divine vision.

Huge wreath with various symbols of infinity. All these symbols point to the triumph of the rebirth of the whole world and the beginning of a new, reborn life cycle.

The shape of zero has a wreath surrounding the main figure of a naked woman, a symbol of the Universe, all this indicates the completion of one undertaking and proceed to another point.

The dancer holds two wands in her hands, having studied the previous cards of the Major Arcana, one more knowledge is revealed. Wands in the hands of the main characters of the cards of the Tarot deck indicate or symbolize purification. Wands, staves indicate that a person has finally realized the conscious mind and the power of the subconscious. In the future, we will study the staves (wands) and then all the secret knowledge of the Tarot will be revealed. There is not a single element in the cards that does not symbolize anything, the philosophy of the cards opens up many ways of knowing the ancient knowledge and secrets of the Universe.

The dancer is in motion and this indicates the spirituality of the dance of life, her life is now being transformed into boundless service to the Higher Mind. The whole world and the will of man merge in the dance of life into one with God. One of the light cards symbolizes life and spirituality, indicates the nobility and joy of being.

In the alignment, it indicates that the adept has learned all the lessons of spirituality, has achieved freedom, harmony and perfection. The knowledge, understanding and strength acquired over the course of life, which in the future will become an excellent and reliable help. Everything done is completed, a strong spiritual connection is established between people, and old connections are being revived and new ones are being born.

The key of the card opens the world, for the adept pointing to its rebirth, joy, achievement of all goals and victory over life’s adversities. All this is achieved thanks to the powerful magic of the natural world and the entire universe. Strengthens the spiritual connection between people. This is what many strive for, but for this it is necessary to go through the path of purification, rebirth, and victory has been achieved. Step by step we pass, each our own way, for no one it is easy. Only difficulties on the path of life strengthen any of us. God does not give anyone trials that he cannot overcome.

The Goddess Gaia and the Green Man, with their divine power, support the card with their knowledge.

The planet Saturn strengthens the map of the World.

The inverted position indicates a delay in the completion of affairs, problems that the adept had, which underestimated the natural forces.

Strengthening and weakening the card

Weaken the Hermit World with their isolation, 5 and 9 staves, one with difficulty with unification, and the second with material need, 4 cups with ensuing apathy.

The Sun strengthens the World, symbolizing not only everything and warmth, but also indicating the completion and achievement of affairs, Moderation by unification and synthesis, 9 cups indicating the onset of love for a fortuneteller, 10 pentacles indicates a material stable life and abundance.

The world in the layout indicates prosperity and triumph, and if neighboring cards weaken its value, you just need to stop, correctly assess the situation. Take into account all the shortcomings, perhaps mistakes were made, correct them. This will bring that cherished goal closer. Another card may say that the planned trip will be postponed. An adept who has the World card in an inverted position says that he grabs at everything, but does not bring anything to the end. It’s easier to say this is an irresponsible person.