Rune Gebo – meaning and detailed interpretation

The rune symbolizes the exchange of energy, compensation, partnership, balance in relationships between people. The rune helps to restore the lost balance between partners, reconciles and unites people. This is both the addition of two people to each other and separation as a reasonable distance.

General principle of balance. Reasonable sacrifices and gifts. In divination, it means a mutually beneficial partnership, restoration of relations, establishing communication, connection. And not only in personal relationships, but also in business, entrepreneurship. Solving business issues by complying with contracts, signing documents.

Sometimes this Rune is used in magic to restore balance in relationships. It helps to choose the right partner, companion. New people may soon appear in your life with whom you will build relationships on a qualitatively different level. Also, this Rune balances the feminine and masculine principles and its manifestations in a person.

It has no inverted meaning. It is interpreted in the same way as in the direct meaning.