Rune Kenaz - meaning and detailed interpretation

Rune Kenaz – meaning and detailed interpretation

Kenaz symbolizes light, a torch, the ability to do something. This is self-awareness, trust in one’s intuition, inner light, enlightenment, training. The goddess Freya taught the god Odin sexual magic. The rune helps to show such qualities as sexuality, creativity, magnetism, attractiveness, attraction, charm and charisma.

This is the animal principle, as well as leadership, strength, power, energy. Bright life, going out. The rune also enhances sensuality and perception, sharpens intuition. It will help people of creative professions to realize the idea, giving it a clear and more precise form. For those whose activities are related to the search (natural resources, things, objects), this Rune will help to see and find what you need.

The rune is used to attract a person. It will help to interest, entice him. It will increase self-confidence and attractiveness. With the help of Kenaz, you can program the qualities of the unborn child. If your life lacks vivid feelings and passionate passion, if you have lost attraction to your partner, and he to you, then this Rune will help restore what was lost.

Some people use it for spells as well. The rune sharpens feelings, strengthens them and takes relationships to a new level. This is stability based on really strong feelings. If you have an idea in mind, Kenaz will help you realize it.

Inverted meaning – liberation from the unnecessary, getting rid of illusions, relationships that have outlived their usefulness, parting with false dreams and plans.