Rune Teyvaz - meaning and detailed interpretation

Rune Teyvaz – meaning and detailed interpretation

Associated with the god Tyr – fair and fearless. He is not obsessed with bloodthirstiness, he is noble, respects order and law, defends social ideals, and keeps his word. However, this Rune has more than one aspect. She also personifies active sexuality. In the very outline of the Rune Teyvaz, its phallic meaning is guessed.

The rune will bring success in battle, struggle or the work begun. If you need to quickly decide on something – Teyvaz will help with this. Teyvaz is always associated with swiftness, fracture, acceleration of movement, overcoming. This Rune has an active protective function. Restore justice. Strengthens male warlike features, gives courage and courage. Will help athletes in difficult competitions, competitions.

If this Rune fell out in a layout, this is an indication that male energy is now activated in you. Your power expands, excitement increases, you are not afraid to take risks, increase your inner confidence. Passion grows in love and personal life. In medicine, it helps to increase vitality, speeds up recovery, treats male diseases, gives strength, energy and potency. Increases vitality and ensures a quick recovery.

Inverted meaning – decline, problems in relationships with other people, loss of connection with the energy of the Universe.