Руна Соуло – значення та докладне тлумачення

Rune Soulo – meaning and detailed interpretation

The name of this Rune means “Sun”. However, not only. This is a fiery energy that can also transform into lightning. Goddess Sunnah, who drives the solar chariot, banishes everything dark. Fire is transformed into strength, inspiration, creativity. This is the Rune of victory, courage.

To carry out your plan, you will need a certain level of aggression. You can achieve success and fame. The rune supports in acquiring new connections and contacts, in friendship and love. All this will be permeated with the energy of creativity, you will be able to feel uplifted.

In medicine, it is able to destroy, “burn out” the disease. Gives strength. However, it should be used with caution by those who have already activated the energy of fire in its negative sense: elevated temperature or pressure, exacerbated a chronic disease, and in the case when inflammatory processes are underway.

It has no inverted meaning.