told about the features of choosing stunt scooters for children and discounts on scooters in honor of the company's birthday told about the features of choosing stunt scooters for children and discounts on scooters in honor of the company’s birthday

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Active summer for Ukrainian children

Despite the war in Ukraine, many parents decided not to leave the country. Someone stayed at home, someone had to move to safer areas. This year, Ukrainian children were left without their usual seaside vacations, children’s camps and other traditional summer entertainment. Given this, parents have to come up with other ways to entertain and entertain their child, help him waste his accumulated energy and get rid of stress.

For these purposes, active games and sports are best suited. Street scooters are suitable for almost all children, learning to ride them is much easier than cycling, and learning different tricks allows you to have fun even in limited areas like a yard, a small park or one paved street in the village. Riding a scooter involves different muscle groups, which allows the child to be in good shape and get rid of the accumulated adrenaline and cortisol, which are easily processed with regular physical activity and active games.

How to choose a stunt scooter for a child

When choosing a scooter, experts recommend paying attention to the following characteristics:

  • Price. The first scooter can be taken from inexpensive ones. You can buy a decent scooter up to 2000 UAH.
  • The weight. The standard weight of a stunt scooter is 2.5-3 kg. For beginners, lighter models should be chosen, because the lighter the scooter, the easier tricks will be given at first.
  • Handlebar height and width. For comfortable riding, the handlebars should be at the level of the rider’s waist. For children, it is better to choose adjustable models, then one scooter will last for several years. The width of the handlebar should be approximately equal to the width of the child’s shoulders.
  • Wheel diameter and rim material. For beginners, wheels with a diameter of up to 110 cm are better suited, this size allows you to quickly pick up speed and provide good maneuverability. It is better to choose discs from aluminum, however, budget plastic options can also be considered if this is the child’s first scooter.
  • Deck size. The deck should hold two feet of the child. Wide options are better for street riding, narrow options are better for tricks.

Most models of stunt scooters are discounted today. On the purchase, you can save up to 500 hryvnia.