Why dream of an abortion? Dream interpretation

Why dream of an abortion? Dream interpretation

We saw an abortion in a dream and want to figure out what this sign portends to you. We have collected for you the interpretation of abortion presented in various dream books. This will allow you to understand whether a dream predicts good or bad. But it is worth remembering that when interpreting a dream, one should pay attention not only to specific symbols, but also to the general emotional coloring, specific time and a number of other factors. For this reason, it is simply not worth taking the interpretation to heart.

What predicts abortion

If an unmarried girl sees an abortion in a dream, then he predicts the adoption of an impulsive, rash decision in the future, the consequences of which will not be very pleasant. This is a kind of warning that you should carefully weigh your every decision. According to psychologists, many girls, having received such a sign, unnecessarily wind themselves up, exaggerating the negative consequences.

A dreamed abortion, as often happens with any omens, can also symbolize the opposite – conception and childbirth. Therefore, such a dream is not at all a reason for panic.

A lot also depends on who exactly sees the dream:

  • A man who sees an abortion in a dream should pay more attention to his woman, she lacks this. Spend more time with your significant other. If a person does not yet have a lady of the heart, then it’s time to take care of finding her.
  • If a married man dreams of an abortion, then he may portend a danger to his beloved. The interpretation of other details of sleep will help to figure out what kind of threat it is and how to counter it.
  • A virgin who dreamed of an abortion may warn that the girl should not yet tell the person to whom she has tender feelings about this. Otherwise, a serious disagreement is possible, after which communication will cease altogether.
  • Excessively disturbing and restless sleep indicates the need to be more attentive to one’s health. Had a dream that there were complications after an abortion? It is worth going through an examination and making sure that there are no diseases related to the reproductive organs.
  • If a medical worker sees an abortion in a dream, then he should better fulfill his duties.
  • If you dream that you have to make a difficult choice, then this is a sign that when making decisions in reality, you should rely on your conscience and moral qualities.
  • An abortion that a pregnant woman dreamed of warns that among her inner circle there are those who should not be trusted at all. If when she wakes up she does not feel anxiety, then she will be able to cope with problems on her own.

The meaning of abortion according to Miller’s Dream Book

Miller’s dream book predicts that if a woman dreamed that she was deciding to have an abortion, then in reality unpleasant consequences should be expected. It is important to figure out who in the dream pushed to such a step (if she did not make the decision herself). It is likely that in reality this person should not be trusted.

If a young bride saw an abortion in a dream, then this indicates a fear of the wedding or her doubts about the chosen one. In this case, it is necessary either to abandon marriage if you do not feel completely ready, or completely forget about doubts and boldly enter a new life.

If doctors see this sign, then they should pay more attention to their professional duties.

What predicts abortion according to Denise Lynn’s dream book

Abortion in a dream indicates that you have not realized your opportunity. Most likely, you had some interesting idea or plan in your head, but something prevented you from bringing it to life. But do not regret it, soon fate will give you another chance. Do not discard new ideas, try to implement them.

Had a spontaneous abortion? Prepare for change and don’t try to avoid it, it’s relentless.

If an abortion is dreamed of by a person who is somehow connected with the court, then soon he will once again be convinced of the imperfection of the latter. Either the innocent will be punished, or the guilty will go free.

Interpretation of abortion – Modern dream book

If a person sees in a dream that he is having an abortion, then this is a signal that he is in a situation that he cannot accept, but circumstances turned out to be stronger than him.

A dream in which a young girl intends to have an abortion, but then abandons her decision, suggests that thoughts about future marriage haunt her and she is unable to find the right solution on her own.

If you dreamed that you were tormented by guilt for having an abortion, then this is a sign that in real life you should be more persistent in achieving your goals and not retreat at the slightest difficulty.

How other dream books interpret

Freud’s dream book

A pregnant woman who had an abortion in a dream indicates her internal unpreparedness for the appearance of a baby. It is possible that this will actually happen.

If a man sees such a dream, then he is tormented by doubts whether he wants to have a child or not yet.

Family dream book

A woman planning an abortion in a dream should carefully consider her decisions and actions. Ignorance in business is fraught with trouble.

Erotic dream book

Your life at the moment cannot be called cloudless, most undertakings end in failure. But here’s what you cannot do is to take out your anger on loved ones and relatives. Otherwise, the crisis in your relationship will only intensify, and this is exactly what you do not want. Try to pull yourself together and tune in to positive emotions. You won’t even notice how the black bar ends.

Esoteric dream book

If a woman dreamed that she was having an abortion, then she was afraid of the consequences of what she had done.

Such a sign in a dream of a health worker indicates severe fatigue, the need for rest.

American dream book

Abortion is seen in a dream by those people in whose life something new has appeared or will soon appear and they are afraid of losing it.

English dream book

According to this dream book, if a man saw an abortion in a dream, then he should watch his woman, most likely, she is in danger. If a woman dreamed of this sign, then it is not too late to pay attention to your health.