What does a dream about pregnancy mean?

What does a dream about pregnancy mean?

Plunging into a dream, a person is more than once surprised by the pictures of dreams, often forming a whole plot full of secrets and mysteries. Using dream books, you can decipher the images in dreams, but often the same events are interpreted differently. Why dream of pregnancy? The meaning of this dream depends on the details, emotions and feelings of the dreamer that he experienced in a dream.

General interpretation

There are a huge number of interpretations of dreams associated with pregnancy. Therefore, it was decided to divide them into several parts. But in general, a dreamed pregnancy is considered a psychological dream warning of upcoming changes in real life.

Pregnancy in a dream should not be considered a prediction of the same in reality. According to Jewish sages, this is a signal from above about upcoming worries in the future. And if a woman in labor sees a dream, this symbolizes a successful birth.

In-depth interpretation

Being pregnant yourself

If a young girl who does not have children sees such a dream, this means that in reality she is threatened by prejudice. She may become a victim of gossip. People around will discuss it behind their backs, avoiding frank conversations. For middle-aged women, this means upcoming health-related troubles caused by relatives.

Seeing in another person’s position

For the dreamer, this means success and prosperity. It is very important here who exactly was in position in a dream. If this is a friend, then the dream warns of the presence of a rival. Seeing a daughter in a position is the success of a child in reality.

Pregnant man

Such a situation in a dream warns of difficulties in professional activities. Here it is very important to remember the condition of the man. If he was calm and happy, this portends success in business or at work. If he experienced grief and self-doubt, in reality, material difficulties await the dreamer.

Emotions in a dream

It is important to remember what feelings a pregnant person experienced. If it was fear, depression and confusion, in reality a stressful situation will occur that can cause a nervous breakdown. If calmness, poise and joy – a person will be able to solve many problems for his own benefit.

Interpretation of pregnancy according to different dream books

Dream Interpretation of Gustav Miller

A young woman dreams of pregnancy as a harbinger of an unsuccessful marriage. A woman will be dissatisfied with her husband and the appearance of her children. If a really pregnant woman has a dream, it portends a successful birth and the birth of a healthy child.

Dream Interpretation of David Loff

Loff argues that a dream is a reflection of reality, reflecting what is happening in reality, taking into account the perception of the dreamer. In his opinion, pregnancy in a dream means growing up. For young girls, this symbolizes the readiness to continue the race, and for mature ladies, a warning about a possible betrayal. If there is a pregnant man in a dream, then this is a reflection of the dreamer’s dissatisfaction with his excessive activity in real life.

Dream Interpretation of Sigmund Freud

The psychologist claims that to dream about pregnancy means to receive a signal on a subconscious level, symbolizing the desire to have a child in reality or the readiness to become a parent. According to Freud, phantasmagoria indicates:

  • the existence of unfulfilled hopes and unfulfilled sexual plans;
  • the presence of pregnancy in reality, about which the woman is still unknown;
  • a regular dream about an interesting position, speaks of a strong desire to become a mother.

Dream Interpretation Maya

Such a dream according to the Mayan dream book has two interpretations at once. If a woman is carrying a boy in a dream, then the dream indicates a high probability of an accident involving the dreamer. If a girl is expected, you can count on a pleasant surprise.

Wangi’s Dream Interpretation

The great soothsayer interprets the dream of pregnancy for a married woman as a symbol of the birth of twins in reality. If a young girl sees such a dream, this is a warning about the dishonesty of her chosen one, who is a scoundrel and a deceiver.

Dream interpretation of Tsvetkov

A dream about an interesting situation, for an innocent girl portends a deception. For a mature lady – joy. For a man, such a dream is a warning about the courage of his intentions, but to see a pregnant woman from the outside means many problems in professional activities.

Dream Interpretation of the White Magician Yuri Longo

If a man sees his wife pregnant in a dream, this promises him huge profits in reality. But success will only be achieved if he makes considerable efforts to realize his ideas. If a young girl sees a dream, this indicates her readiness to become a mother.

Winter dream book

If you had a dream in the winter season, this indicates health problems. If there was an unfamiliar person in the position, this promises the dreamer financial well-being, business success and career advancement. Seeing your daughter pregnant means quarreling with her in reality.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

For a man, a dream about an interesting situation means financial well-being. If a woman dreams at the time of childbirth, then in reality a man will face difficulties at work. Seeing yourself lying next to a pregnant woman in a dream – the dreamer’s many hopes are not in vain. For a young girl, a dream about pregnancy portends deceit, and for a mature woman, joy and well-being.

If in a dream the dreamer saw not a woman in a position, but a positive pregnancy test, then he needs to prepare for serious changes in life and important events that will happen soon. Perhaps the changes will be very global and will affect all areas of the dreamer’s life.

If a married woman sees a dream, this indicates that she will soon have to face numerous family problems. And for older ladies, such a dream portends a serious illness and a possible death.

Dreams about pregnancy should not be taken literally. When interpreting sleep, it is important to take into account all the nuances, not only the overall picture, but also the emotional component. The day of the week on which the dream about pregnancy was also important is also important, it depends on how quickly it will come true and how prophetic the dream was.