Козерог знак зодиака

Capricorn – a characteristic of the zodiac sign

Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac horoscope.

Capricorns – born from December 22 to January 20 – earth signs under the control of Saturn – inquisitive, purposeful, very smart individuals.

Advantages and disadvantages of Capricorns

This zodiac sign is always ready to help familiar and unfamiliar people in any difficulties. But it is difficult to enter into close or friendly relations. And in no case should the help of Capricorns be neglected, they do not forgive this and disappear forever from the life of such a person.

Capricorn is not a sign that is afraid of loneliness, on the contrary, it gives them the opportunity to move towards their goals.

They learn only from their own mistakes and not from others. Train your willpower, patience and intelligence. And also stuff a lot of cones gaining life experience.

Hidden in the manifestation of their feelings. Keep them to yourself. Do not show negative emotions to others.

Capricorns and success

Responsible, persistent in spirit, Capricorns do not give up in achieving their goals. The main task of their life is to achieve success and recognition. They have a cold mind in business, follow discipline. Their position in life allows them to occupy a leadership position, with which they do an excellent job. Excellent organizers of the workflow. They can also be directors and politicians.

They can also be secondary employees, but no one will ever force them to obey someone they do not respect.

Love and relationships

Not dependent on relationships, for them this is nothing but a weakness.

They do not tolerate short novels and intrigues. They are only interested in long, strong relationships. They are in search of a chosen one for life. Therefore, for the second half, there are certain criteria. He is looking for a life partner who will have similar goals and values. And it will be as purposeful as Capricorn.

But, unfortunately, it is not one of the romantic signs. In addition, it can be overly jealous.