Стрелец знак зодиака

Sagittarius – a characteristic of the zodiac sign

Sagittarius is the ninth sign in the zodiac horoscope.

Sagittarius – born between November 23 and December 21 – fire signs ruled by Jupiter – inquisitive, active, personalities who are always in pursuit of new experiences.

Advantages and disadvantages of Sagittarius

Sagittarians are hostages of someone else’s opinion. They care about the evaluation of others. But they themselves are straightforward and never hide what they really think.

They are interested in philosophy, attentive to the problems of mankind and try to contribute to the solution of issues related to these problems.

Friendly and open, very caring.

Sometimes, in order for Sagittarius to pay attention, he can break the boundaries of decency. But since he still depends on someone else’s opinion, after each trick he will reproach himself for what he has done.

Sagittarians and Success

Cheerfulness and perseverance help them cope with any difficulties. They love change and are ready to learn and learn new things.

Purposeful natures who do not focus on their failures, but move forward towards their goal.

Thanks to their attention to universal problems and the desire to overcome them, they can become successful politicians.

Sagittarians don’t know what shyness is. They have a constant need to be seen. In addition to political activities, they can also be famous artists.

Love and relationships

Sagittarius partners are often deprived of the kindness that the owners of this zodiac sign are trying to give to the whole world.

Often take the role of a provocateur in quarrels. Jealous. In conflicts, they are touchy and vindictive.

Neglects the interests and successes of loved ones, but is always happy with the successes of people unfamiliar to him, which may be the reason for the next quarrels and conflicts.

Nevertheless, if he finds his other half, the so-called “his” person, a strong marriage union can turn out. Maybe this is for life, but only if his life partner sets new goals for him in the relationship.