Fortune-telling for Christmas: how and when to do fortune-telling correctly

Fortune-telling for Christmas: how and when to do fortune-telling correctly

Festive fortune-telling is carried out in the period from January 6 to Baptism, January 19.

On the night before Christmas, on January 6, as well as on January 7, our ancestors predicted the bride and groom, the near future, marriage or the birth of a child.

So, let’s look at the most popular and original ways of divination that our ancestors used on Christmas Eve and Christmas.

The easiest divination on Christmas Eve for the groom

One of the most popular and simplest fortune-telling for the groom. The girls would go outside on the night before Christmas and ask the name of the first man they met. The name the man called was the name of the future companion.

Divination for Christmas by dreams for the groom

This divination is performed only on Christmas night and only at the new place of sleep. On Christmas night, you can go for an overnight stay. And before going to bed, say the following words: “I’m going to bed in a new place, dream of a bridegroom.” This night, you should dream about the appearance of the condemned.

Divination at Christmas for the future

This divination was usually done in small companies, but no more than seven. For the rite, it is necessary to take cups, the number of which corresponds to the number of fortune-tellers. A ring, a coin, bread, sugar, onion and salt are placed in a cup, and water is poured into one.

After everything was laid out in their cups, everyone chose a cup for themselves, closing their eyes (it is very important not to feel what is inside the cup when choosing a cup).

The value of the selected item in the cup:

  • Ring – for the wedding;
  • Coin – to money;
  • Bread – to wealth;
  • Sugar – for fun;
  • Onion – to tears;
  • Salt – for misfortune;
  • Water – no changes should be expected in the near future.

Divination for children at Christmas

In addition to divination for the future, married women can also divination on children. You could find out whether a baby would appear in the house by fortune-telling on the wedding ring. Put the wedding ring in a saucer, then fill it with water and put it in a cold place. The fortune telling result will be in the morning. It is very important that no one touches the saucer. Look carefully at the frozen water in the morning – if its surface is even and smooth, there will be no children this year, but the bump symbolized the addition to the family.

Rich or poor bridegroom: divination for Christmas

This divination is more suitable for villagers or if you decide to be in the country during the Christmas holidays. The girl should go outside in the evening and count the stakes in the fence, saying: “Rich, poor, widower, unmarried.” On which word you stop, the bridegroom will be like that.