What is rollback in magic?

What is rollback in magic?

I think many have heard of such a thing as a rollback in magic. Moreover, most people consider it some kind of punishment for the dark deeds of the magician. Well, let’s try to figure this out.

Let’s imagine with you that there is an alleged dark magician who decided to cause trouble to his enemy and performed magical actions of a destructive nature, among the people he simply sent damage. After some period of time, this magician became ill, about the same as he wished his offender.

This is how magic happens. All the destructive program that the magician directed to harm is back, with an additional problematic weight.

Why is this happening?

Why is this happening? Doesn’t the mage know what he’s doing? Apparently he doesn’t know.

Magic rollback is nothing but the law of balance in nature. At the moment when the magician has created an increased potential somewhere, then at that moment he has an energy vacuum zone and a connection with the object on which he acts. This vacuum that the magician has created should ideally be filled by a voluntary exchange of energy. From the object on which the magician acted, feedback must also be created and an equal amount of energy transmitted to fill the vacuum. But as you understand, there is no voluntary exchange of energies in this case, therefore, according to the formed connection, the given energy is partially returned. Partially, it is returned, because a part has already been worked out at the facility. Therefore, for a complete exchange, the energy of the object is also given, for the complete restoration of the vacuum. This part of the energy may have its own heap of problems, in fact, for this reason, the negative impact is intensified.

Most believe that the rollback is a punishment to the magician for his evil intentions. But actually it is not so. There is no distinction between good and evil in the universe. It is only people who have outlined the boundaries of these concepts. Let’s imagine that our Universe is a living organism of a round shape, which is constantly moving somewhere. For ease and constancy of movement, she needs her form to be unchanged. For this reason, any increase in energy potential is eliminated.

As we can see, it is almost impossible to evade a pullback. For this reason, the golden rule of morality was formulated “Do not do to others what you do not wish for yourself, and do to others as you would like to be done to you.”

How to protect yourself from the impact of a rollback?

But still, there is protection against rollback, but it is very difficult to implement. In order for the rollback not to have an impact on you, negative programs must be worked out for you, and the probability of their implementation in your life is minimal. This is achieved through development. Alternatively, you can use sephirotic magic, it contains tools to neutralize any negativity.

But, in my opinion, the best option would be to be guided by the golden rule of morality and not wish negativity on anyone. Our world is a complex organism of interconnections and it is best not to focus on what can harm you.