12 Houses of the horoscope

12 Houses of the horoscope

The name of the concept “HOME” in the horoscope comes from the Latin word “DOMINUS” – God. The houses of the horoscope are sectors of the ecliptic, which are calculated in the sidereal time system (rotation of the Earth around its axis). There are 12 of them, like the symbols of the Zodiac. In astrology, they are associated with various qualities of a person, abilities, manifestations and spheres of his activity.

Each Horoscope House begins with a Cusp. This is the name of the point on the astrological chart that determines the beginning of a new House and symbolizes significant changes in a person’s life.

Also, each astrological House has its own ruling planet, which corresponds to the sign of the Zodiac that falls into this House. But astrological Houses can be ruled by several planets at once. If the signs of the Zodiac show the potential embedded in us at birth, then the Houses show how and in which spheres of life this potential can be maximally manifested, give information about a person’s personality, his material, spiritual and intellectual properties and aptitudes. The planets talk about how the energy of this or that sign will be used and what problems a person born under this sign will have to solve.

It is the interaction of Houses, Zodiac signs and planets in the horoscope that creates the unique character of each person and the individual fabric of events.

First House

The first House of the horoscope corresponds to the sign of Aries. It symbolizes the person himself, his personality, character, appearance, behavior. The First House is the physical body and impressions of a person, the mask he wears in society.

The second house

The Second House corresponds to the sign of Taurus. It symbolizes human values (especially moral and ethical). It also symbolizes material accumulation, movable property, income and expenses, nutrition, and is also responsible for the channels of energy entry into the body.

Third House

The Third House corresponds to the sign of Gemini. Travel, communication, acquaintances, connections (including relatives), language, letters, business sphere, communication skills and learning are in his domain.

Fourth House

The Fourth House corresponds to the sign of Cancer. Responsible for the environment, parents, parental home and place of residence, real estate, inheritance and family traditions.

Fifth House

The Fifth House corresponds to the sign of Leo. In his management – publicity, sports, hobbies, games, love relationships, children, own business, business.

Sixth House

The Sixth House corresponds to the sign of Virgo. He is responsible for such areas as work, service, services, health, body care, household problems, pets.

Seventh House

The Seventh House corresponds to the sign of Libra. Responsible for interaction with partners, marriages and divorces, various unions and contracts, cooperation, individual consultations, ability to compromise enemies and opponents.

Eighth House

The Eighth House corresponds to the sign of Scorpio. Inheritance, debts, loans, working with other people’s money, large finances and business are in his care. It is also associated with death, sex, magic and the occult, dangerous activities (criminal, police, military, stuntmen) and, finally, transformation processes.

Ninth House

The ninth house corresponds to the sign of Sagittarius. Responsible for travel, long distance travel, higher education, scientific careers, any foreign connections, our ideals and purpose on Earth, religious and philosophical outlook, spiritual teachers, law and jurisdiction in our lives.

Tenth House

The Tenth House corresponds to the sign of Capricorn. Career, social vocation, highly skilled and managerial work, political views, goals, fame, respect and popularity, superiors and superiors are in his devotion.

Eleventh House

The Eleventh House corresponds to the sign of Aquarius. It informs such things as relationships with friends, interest groups, community service, patrons, patrons, social associations, clubs, associations, astrology, and finally our ideas about the future.

Twelfth House

The Twelfth House corresponds to the sign of Pisces. In its domain are hidden activities, secret work and services, avoidance of the outside world, isolation, fines, sanctions, various secrets and secret knowledge, inspiration, creativity in solitude, and introspection.