Шлем Ужаса Helm of Dread

Galdrastavs: Helm of Dread / Agishjalm

The Dread Helm is an ancient sign of the peoples who lived in the northern lands long before modern civilization. To a greater extent, it was used by sorcerers, who considered this sign an indispensable magical symbol that has powerful energy.

History of occurrence

The ancient northerners believed not only in the magical abilities of the Helm of Dread, but were also sure that it was the gateway to the underworld. Not all ancient signs possess such power.

The Scandinavians also called the helmet Aegishjalm or Aegishjalm. People who possessed such an amulet became strong spiritually and physically, became fearless, because the amulet also served as an invisible shield that protected against enemy attacks.

The legendary warrior Sigurd defeated the dragon and among its treasures found the Helmet of Terror amulet.

An ancient legend says that the fearless warrior Sigurd became the first owner of the amulet. World fame went to the fearless warrior after the victory over the ferocious dragon Fafnir, who haunted people for decades. After defeating the monster, Sigurd found his lair, which contained treasures. Among the incredible array of silver and gold jewelry, the warrior liked an unusual symbol with four rays.

According to another version, the gods Thor and Odin created the protective mark. To create it, they used several runes, which gave the symbol an unprecedented power.

Northern warriors used this symbolism in different ways:

  • before the battle, painted on the forehead;
  • embroidered on battle flags;
  • applied to armor.

It is believed that the tradition of putting a sign on the forehead gave him the name “Helmet”. Armed with this symbolism, the warriors not only achieved important victories, but also returned to their families safe and sound. He also left an imprint on the psychological state of the warrior. This symbolism gave its wearer a more intimidating look.

Enemies, seeing such a symbol, began to panic, they were fettered by fear. Of course, that the opponents were not afraid of the drawing itself, but of its fearless bearer, who was ready to leave his life on the battlefield. It is for this reason that the sign got its name “Helm of Horror”.

As a result of archaeological excavations, many objects with this symbol were found in the settlements of the ancient Scythians. At different times, the “Helmet of Horror” had a different number of rays, the multiplicity of which was four. This rule is still followed today when drawing.

Appearance and varieties

The appearance of the “Helmet of Horror” is a completely symmetrical pattern, consisting of eight Algiz runes, as well as harmoniously complemented by the Turizas and Hagalas runes. Throughout the history of excavations and research, scientists have met four-pointed, eight-pointed and twelve-pointed specimens.

A different technique for executing a symbol determines its strength. Two varieties deserve special attention:

  • Protective cross. It is based on four Algiz. Its main goal is regular background protection from negative manifestations. This option is the only one that can be used every day. It is this option that can be applied to the body like a tattoo.
  • Galdrastav. This sign is characterized by a circle in the center and several more outer rings. This option is more powerful. It is often used by psychics and magicians. This version of the “Helm of Dread” is ideal for all kinds of rituals that require a huge amount of energy. In our era, the amulet is characterized by the shape of a sphere with displaced runes. A great rarity is the tattoo of an ancient sign.

The value of the amulet

Today, the meaning of the amulet is interpreted as the concentration of the invisible universe of energy. This feature is indispensable for people with a weakened energy field – the symbol is able to give them a large amount of energy.

People who have received such charges begin to feel a surge of strength, and they want to make drastic changes in their lives. Such people quickly identify the presence of problems in certain areas of life and understand how to quickly solve them. In order to achieve their goal, such people tend to subjugate other people.

Aegishjalm amulet has a double effect on the human body. It protects from negative influences from the outside and creates a positive biological field around the wearer.

Who can use the amulet

The amulet can be worn by people of various social strata. It is especially recommended to use this protection for the following categories:

  • Heads of serious organizations;
  • Representatives of specialties requiring lightning-fast actions;
  • People who often find themselves in conflict and contentious situations. The amulet is able to repeatedly increase the good qualities of the wearer. People engaged in intellectual activities have improved memory.
  • For people whose professions require a quick reaction, the amulet increases spirituality and improves physical condition. Such people begin to act quickly and competently.
  • For people who need protection from the evil effects of ill-wishers. The talisman is able to become an invisible barrier capable of reflecting weapons against the enemy.

Activation and use of the amulet

You should not wear such a talisman all the time, it is used when strong support is needed.

The Dread Helm is not intended to be worn permanently. It will not be useful if it is in constant contact with the carrier. The ancient Scandinavians put on the amulet only in cases of urgent need, when the help of the universe was required.

In ancient times, fateful battles belonged to such moments, in the modern world it is often used during difficult negotiations with business partners.

The amulet must be activated by a person with rich experience in working with magic runes. People who do not have sufficient experience in conducting rituals will not be able to properly conduct the ritual process.

The activation of the amulet is carried out for a certain time period during which one specific goal must be achieved. It is recommended to clearly articulate the goal in order to prevent distortion of the amulet.