Rune Algiz - meaning and detailed interpretation

Rune Algiz – meaning and detailed interpretation

The rune means protection, security. However, Algiz is not associated with physical strength, security comes due to the sharpening of intuition and instincts. If this Rune fell out in a scenario, then the gods are patronizing you at this time.

With the help of inner knowledge and insights, you can prevent danger, avoid destructive situations and encounter people who are hostile. This will happen as if by itself, intuitively. This Rune does not involve active protection. It aims at avoiding risky situations. Your ability to foresee is sharpened, you become more receptive and have time to evade attacks and aggression. The warning may come to you in the form of signs or random information. Be careful with words at this time. Even a casual passer-by can say something that will be useful to you. If you can use this information, then new opportunities and prospects will surely open up for you.

It can also be a new productive relationship, friendship. Be attentive to any symptoms of the disease – so you can avoid exacerbation of chronic diseases and prevent the onset of new ones. Runa Algiz will help you manage your negative emotions and get you out of depression. Creates conditions for relaxation, pacifies.

Inverted meaning – barriers, obstacles, risky situations. It is desirable to be as calm as possible about the changes.