How to save money so that it becomes more: simple rules

How to save money so that it becomes more: simple rules

There are simple rules for handling money, following which can increase your finances.

There is no need to rush to part with the money

Money charges the house with the energy of prosperity and well-being. If you received a salary or other remuneration, you need to spend the night in the house. This will help strengthen monetary energy and attract finances to the house.

Money must be kept in the right place

It is better to store money in a place hidden from prying eyes and from sunlight. It can be a safe or a casket. It is desirable that there was a lock on the decorative casket, even if it was symbolic. It is believed that the sound of the lock opening attracts money to the cache.

Arrange the money in the wallet correctly

Treat money with respect. This is one of the most important rules for saving money. Do not crumple bills, roll them into a tube, or shove them carelessly in your pockets. It is undesirable to fold bills in half. You need to put money in such a way that when you open your wallet, the largest bills are closest to you.

Update your wallet regularly

The wallet must not be holey, crumpled or dirty. Money will never be delayed in an unkempt and untidy wallet. Regularly put it in order, throwing away tickets, checks and other junk.

Money loves an account

There must be an even number of bills in a pack with money, otherwise the money will quickly leave you. In addition, the number of banknotes in a pack should not be equal to 50. According to esotericists, the ideal number of banknotes in a pack of money should be 20, 80 or 100.