Дева характеристика знака

Virgo – a characteristic of the zodiac sign

Virgo is the sixth sign in the zodiac horoscope.

Virgos – born in the period from August 24 to September 23 – earth signs under the control of Mercury – fair, disciplined individuals whose mind fully overcomes feelings.

Virgos and Success
Organization and a cold mind helps them succeed. Talented and responsible zodiac sign. Mistakes are not forgiven either to themselves or to people. In work, as in life, they are pedantic, true careerists, totally keep all work processes under their supervision. Characterizing Dev control helps them achieve a leadership position at work. Responsibly relate to all assigned tasks, often other people’s mistakes can take over and clearly and quickly eliminate the problem. Nevertheless, they experience their mistakes and failures painfully and for a long time. After a failure, Virgos need to take a break in order to work on their mistakes and sort everything out again.

Advantages and disadvantages of Dev
This sign strives for perfection more than the rest. This is not a false aspiration and not an illusion of an “ideal”. They really set themselves the goal of improving and growing daily, and they are also happy to instruct others. They notice flaws in literally everything: in themselves, in people and the world around them. Thanks to their observations, the world around them becomes better, because they put their hand in it.

They are extremely clean, take care of themselves, but they will also demand this from others.

Virgos have an analytical mindset, like Cancers, they love stability and clarity. Also adherents of stereotypes. Moreover, in the matter of stereotypes, they are as principled as possible, do not try to convince them and do not impose your views on the world on them.

The concept of “rest” for them is an exclusively active time spent, a change of scenery and activities.

Despite all the above characteristics, they are very creative natures. In their free time, they are often engaged in revealing their creative talents.

Love and relationships
The priorities for Virgo are career and well-being. Despite the fact that those born under this sign of the zodiac seem to live modestly, the need for a life of luxury and perfection exceeds the desire to find a “second half”.

Often avoids marriage due to possible criticism and pressure from a partner. Besides, he doesn’t believe in love. For Virgos, marriage is most likely a cold calculation and a guarantee for a comfortable life and will choose an appropriate partner for themselves. The criteria for choosing are too high: good income, unobtrusive worldview and complete acceptance of pedantic Virgos and this is only a small part. If the owner of this zodiac sign does not find a person who will meet all his requirements, he will most likely be lonely.