весы характеристика знака

Libra – a characteristic of the zodiac sign

Libra is the seventh sign in the zodiac horoscope.

Libra – born in the period from September 24 to October 23 – air signs under the control of Venus – strong-willed, fair, sensual personalities.

Libra and Success

Representatives of this zodiac sign are ardent fighters for justice. They will perfectly cope in the field of management, jurisprudence, labor organization and legislation. Nevertheless, despite this, they always and in everything doubt: in themselves and their strengths, in the instructions of the authorities and in any actions. Before starting any business, he must first think carefully and preferably several times. He is rather slow in choosing and making decisions. What gives him difficulties in the workplace.

Advantages and disadvantages of Libra

Libras have excellent manners, are always well-groomed and decent. But when angry, they can be seen as aggressive and stubborn. They will be able to stop any dispute with their exact arguments.

Those born under this zodiac sign are very sociable, but often insecure. Even in close relationships, they generally behave aloofly, and in large companies they are completely quiet. To see the sociable Libra, you need to be the first to go to a meeting in communication and liberate them, and then you can find a devoted, faithful friend.

They also have a large number of interests, which makes them interesting interlocutors.

Love and relationships

In a relationship, he is constant and reliable, while he needs support and encouragement. But Libra will force you to take the first step towards a relationship. Since the sign of the zodiac with indecision, it is rarely possible to step over this quality. Accordingly, this same quality makes them unbearable jealous.

As already described above: they are slow to make decisions and there are difficulties with the choice in any matters. Therefore, they often shift responsibility to their partner in order to avoid their own mistakes and to clear their conscience in case of an incorrect decision on the issue.