Скорпион характеристика знака зодиака

Scorpio – a characteristic of the zodiac sign

Scorpio is the eighth sign in the zodiac horoscope.

Scorpios – born between October 24 and November 22 – water signs ruled by Pluto – temperamental and charismatic personalities.

Scorpio and Success

Inconsistent in their activities. Often change profession. He will never do something that does not bring him pleasure. But when any business is very important for him, he is patient and diligent. Despite their fickleness, they are in the eternal pursuit of money and power, which forces him to muffle this trait of his character. In the profession chosen to their liking, they have fortitude, determination, endurance and composure. To achieve the desired result – go over the heads. Excellent professionals in the military, medical and sports fields. Also, their emotionality will help to open up in creative activity.

Advantages and disadvantages of Scorpios

Scorpios are true to their beliefs. Deeply emotional people. At first glance, they are incomprehensible to others. But with close communication, the whole essence of their emotional soul is revealed.

Also, the owner of this zodiac sign is a good friend who can be trusted with any secrets and mysteries. After all, he, like no one else, knows how and will keep them. Faithful not only to his beliefs, but also to his loved ones. But in order to get into the number of his relatives, you will need to pass an extreme test from Scorpio, which he will arrange for you unnoticed. It will be necessary to prove devotion, and the desire to be in his circles.

They often suffer from insomnia, because of their passion for their work, they often work hard and because of this they have big problems with sleep. As a result, they suffer from anxiety and irritability. What can affect communication with people around him. Depressed and prone to bad habits.

Love and relationships

Passion plays an important role in a relationship for a Scorpio. As long as their relationship is filled with passion, he will protect his partner and give him all of himself. But this ardor is not an eternal phenomenon, as soon as it fades away, Scorpio can say goodbye to his chosen one and find himself in search of a new subject of adoration. In addition, they are jealous and vindictive owners and demanding in relation to their partner, which often prevents them from building relationships.

Active, extraordinary and no less emotional persons than he are suitable for him.