Runa Inguz - meaning and detailed interpretation

Runa Inguz – meaning and detailed interpretation

Symbolizes fertility. The patron is the god Freyr, he was depicted with a tense phallus, ready for intercourse. However, there is a certain connection of this Rune with female fertility.

This Rune is very auspicious. If it falls out to you in the scenario, then this means that success awaits you, no matter what you think. It can be personal relationships and professional activities, travel and self-development. Inguz will supply you with energy to carry out your plan and achieve your goal. If there was a state of stagnation in your life, now you will begin to get out of it. In any case, this will be a breakthrough, but look at the neighboring Runes – they will indicate in which direction it will come true.

If Inguz falls out in a scenario, then this is the beginning of something new in your life, a new step or a new stage. For women, it can also mean pregnancy. In medicine, it is used to restore and support the reproductive system, treat infertility, restore energy and strength that will contribute to recovery. Tension will subside, vitality will be restored, health will be strengthened.

Has no inverted meaning.