Руна Лагуз - значення та докладне тлумачення

Rune Laguz – meaning and detailed interpretation

Laguz means “water”, “lake”. This water is moving, running. This is a female rune that symbolizes sensuality, intuition, female perception. It is often used in feminine magic. Water element. If this Rune falls out in a scenario, then it can mean marriage, restoration of relationships, smoothing out sharp corners, forgiveness, conflict resolution, a way out of a quarrel. It is also the restoration of sexual relations.

Runa Laguz supports those who are engaged in psychology, occult sciences. Emotion, intuition, information based on sensory experience. This Rune will tell you the moment when you can take some action. In the scenario, it indicates a young woman or a woman who is not married. Laguz is supportive in listening to your heart and following your path. However, it is important to choose the right direction of movement.

Predicts a journey on water. In medicine, it is responsible for the genitourinary system and kidneys. In an inverted position, it indicates the inability to properly dispose of information or the inability to receive it. Depression, possible suicidal thoughts. You may have been overly emotional. Reckless actions lead to dangerous consequences.