pert rune

Rune Perth – meaning and detailed interpretation

Most researchers, the meaning of this Rune is interpreted as a “secret”. There is also a certain connection between Perto and childbirth, which is also a sacrament. This is a female rune. She is associated with the goddess Frigga – it is she who is in charge of birth and has power, strength and knowledge. This is the Rune of time, transformations. The rune is very mysterious, and its meaning is not fully defined. In fortune-telling, Rune Perth can mean talents, opportunities that have not yet been revealed and shown, the potential to change oneself, the discovery of internal reserves.

Mages often turn to the help of this Rune. The rune can assist in finding the lost, highlighting internal processes, and revealing the hidden. She will bring good luck in the lottery, casino. Open up to new things and try to work on your own implementation – Runa Perth will support you in this.

Also in the layout, it can mean that soon something new will enter your life. For a woman, it could be pregnancy. For a man – a new project. In medicine, this Rune is used for rejuvenation. It promotes wound healing, is responsible for the processes of tissue regeneration and restoration of organs. Helps to cope with female diseases, restores the reproductive system.

Reversed – the end of something, perhaps illness or apathy.