Rune Eyvaz – meaning and detailed interpretation

Means yew tree, protection. This is the World Tree Yggdrasil, which stands on three roots, connects the sky with the earth and penetrates everywhere, into all spaces. Many interpreters associate this Eyvaz with the struggle between darkness and light.

If Eyvaz falls out in a reading, this means that you should be persistent and persistent in your actions, and be honest with yourself, and increase your level of awareness. This Rune was also associated with hunting – strength. It can mean a “suspended” state, the need to make a choice between two possibilities that are (or seem to you) equivalent.

Eyvaz advises not to be afraid and take risks. In fact, the difficulties that have fallen to your lot will have beneficial consequences, and temporary delay and delay will give you the opportunity to make a breakthrough and resolve this situation. You may have to change your lifestyle and even your worldview. Review your habits. Give yourself the opportunity to choose new values ​​if necessary.

It has no inverted meaning.