Strenght Major Arcana Tarot

Strenght Major Arcana Tarot

The 8th card of the deck carries the meaning of an unambiguous hint – this is a rapidly growing occult power.

Above the woman’s head is the sign of infinity, the body is covered with a light tunic, all together a symbol of power and spirituality.

The female figure sits on the most formidable beast – the lion symbolizes her passionate nature, pacifying the power of the Spirit. It can be seen that the lion is tamed by Divine love, and not by the use of physical force. In astrology, Leo is a symbol of love and will, these qualities are controlled by the enlightenment of the mind.

The lion stands on the ground covered with a thick veil of lush green grass, which means calmness and confidence in drawing strength and turning to God. All this says that the Lord is the reliable and only refuge of mankind.

The calmness of the figures, their strength and stamina, exuded inner strength is the main meaning of the card. In the scenario, it is interpreted that it is unnecessary to use brute, physical force. She points out that it is appropriate to apply personal reasonable power, determination, self-control and strength of character. Faith in yourself and your strengths will help the fortuneteller decisively and calmly overcome the difficulties that have arisen on the path of life.

Apollo and Helios are the divine patrons of the map.

Leo, as mentioned above, is an astrological association.

In an inverted position, it indicates helplessness, complexes and fears that have arisen, doubts of the fortuneteller.

Strengthening and Weakening of the card in the layout

They strengthen 4 staves in the layout, which indicates the pleasure in the victory achieved by the fortuneteller himself, 3 staves suggests that it is necessary to look for new reserves, 9 staves states that the person is resilient, he will have a second wind. The Hanged Man suggests that you need to be patient and gain time. All this will help in victory over the intrigues of life.

Weakens The Chariot speaks of cruel control, 8 of cups indicates a lack of strength and fatigue, 6 of swords indicates apathy, and in some way callousness, 5 of pentacles indicates weakness and health problems. All together it is interpreted that a person needs to believe in himself, gain strength and rush with renewed vigor to conquer problems.