The Chariot Major Arcana Tarot

The Chariot Major Arcana Tarot

The seventh card of the Major Arcana The chariot is ruled by a man with blond hair, a combination and symbol of the power of knowledge and reason. Such a connection allows opening the possibilities of merging with the Universal Superconsciousness.

Charioteer – an armadillo drives a chariot drawn by two sphinxes. A light sphinx is naturally positive, while a black sphinx is naturally negative. This pair symbolizes the external manifestation of emotions and feelings.

The one sitting on the chariot rules confidently, controls his emotions, reason triumphs, because it was he who managed to comprehend the riddle of the Sphinx, and he is the Mystery of Nature.

The proud and confident look of the charioteer in the center of the card indicates a guarantee of the stability of harmony between opposing forces. This is a victory achieved with great effort, thanks to the control of emotions, motivation and a great thirst for victory. The card indicates that it is necessary to concentrate the fortuneteller of his strength, which will allow him to achieve his goal. Self-confidence and control will help to overcome any obstacles and barriers. It is only necessary to use internal reserves a little and moving forward one step will change the situation. “Patience and work will grind everything” to achieve the goal, you need to add the ingredients – a teaspoon of self-discipline, a tablespoon of perseverance, a pinch of magical power and attentiveness. Knead all this vigorously, bake wisely, and lo and behold, the loaf on the table exudes a wonderful aroma of the desired victory.

The key words of the Chariot are the fortuneteller’s ambitions, attentiveness, leadership abilities, concentration of one’s own internal forces will allow one to achieve magical transformations. On the way to your goal and victory, you should not give up and boldly go to accomplishments.

Helios, Apollo and Artemis are divine associations.

The chariot is associated with the constellation Cancer.

An inverted card in the layout indicates the fortuneteller’s ambitions, softness, lack of movement and willpower, as well as fear of responsibility.

Witchcraft deck – The chariot is illustrated by an armadillo charioteer driving a pair of horses that rush through the starry sky through the clouds. The charioteer’s armor is covered with a golden cape decorated with the signs of the zodiac. The bright dawn sky, the helmet of the ruling horse is decorated with the eight-pointed star of Venus, a symbol of rebirth. The fortitude and confidence of the driver make the horses rush with incredible strength forward to achieve their goal. No barriers to this trinity are terrible because they are under the protection of the magic of the Sun and the day.

Strengthening and Weakening the map

Weaken Chariot cards:

Strength – the fortuneteller has weak self-control, the Tower with insufficient personal experience, the eight of swords is the fortuneteller’s embarrassment, the Hanged Man says that the fortuneteller lets others pass because of self-doubt.

Strengthen the Chariot of the card:

Two of Wands, Four of Pentacles, Magician and Nine of Pentacles.