The Hermit Major Arcana Tarot

The Hermit Major Arcana Tarot

The ninth card of the Major Arcana is the Hermit – achievements and accomplishments, the number 9 indicates spiritual enlightenment.

The figure of the Hermit is an elderly man symbolizing the great centuries-old wisdom that is marked on his forehead.

In his hands, the elder holds a lantern, which, like a beacon on top of a mountain, indicates the path of all those who suffer. The rays of the lantern, as you might guess, are the light of occult knowledge, which is available to everyone and is revealed only to the elect and worthy. A six-pointed star can be seen from the light of the lantern, which indicates the astrological sign of Virgo. All these clues point to the hermit life and the dedication of the fortuneteller to the service of people.

The hermit is dressed in gray clothes, because, thanks to higher powers, he successfully achieved a balance between the light and dark properties of the very figure of the Elder.

The elderly Sage went on a magical journey in search of knowledge and truth. His robes are worn out because he has been traveling for years, maybe centuries. The staff in his hands speaks of the strength of his spirit, it is he who helps him climb even the highest mountain. This will allow him to collect the wisdom bit by bit and shine more strongly. His whole figure says that he is capable of the most amazing things and find the answer to any question thanks to his wisdom.

The Hermit Sage gains strength and experience through trials and trials and encourages fortunetellers to do likewise. Only then is it possible to acquire great knowledge that will help in enlightenment and inspiration.

The hermit in the alignment indicates a renunciation of earthly affairs, a person is alone and knows his inner world. Prompts about the need to take time for yourself and “reboot”. This is a moment of soul-searching, meditation, relaxation and self-development. It is necessary to know your magical power by plunging into yourself. Hint – follow the impulse of your soul, it does not matter at all what difficulties await on the way, because the beacon of hope and solution ahead shines ahead.

The key is meditation, intuition, relaxation. Solitude in beautiful places where the river, sea, forest roars will help to achieve enlightenment.

Saturn and Hermes the patron god of all travelers are associated with the Hermit.

The inverted position suggests that it is time to look for new friends. A person feels completely alone and unable to cope with the problems that have arisen on their own.

Strengthening and Weakening of the card in the layout

Weaken the card Lovers by the occurrence in the life of a fortuneteller of unnecessary, and at times dangerous sexual relationships, 9 cups of sensual pleasure, 2 cups of unnecessary partnership, The world of the fortuneteller’s participation in life in which he feels isolated. In this case, it is necessary to take a “time out”, to observe, as it were, from the side where all this will lead.

4 swords strengthen the Hermit with their peace and contemplation, 7 swords are necessary for a fortuneteller with loneliness in search of himself. 8 of Cups indicates that a person is in search of deep meanings, and the High Priestess is about self-deepening.