The Emperor Major Arcana Tarot

The Emperor Major Arcana Tarot

The emperor in the Tarot deck is a symbol of the physical or real world, personifies ideas and goals, for a fortuneteller it means that he is in the stage of forming his ideas and a certain period of life. This mature man is close to the end of nurturing ideas and plans. He knows what he needs and what he strives for.

The bright red color of the card means an increase in vitality and passion, aggressiveness and an irrepressible desire to act.

The throne of the Emperor is decorated with 4 ram’s heads, a symbol of spring and prosperity and symbolizes Reason. The ram’s head indicates that the Emperor belongs to the zodiac sign Aries. This sign is stubborn in its actions, does not stop at nothing in achieving its plans. The spring sign means that the fortuneteller wakes up from hibernation, is open to new ideas, plans and changes on the path of life.

The scepter in the form of Crux ancata (ankh) symbolizes Life in Egyptian mythology.

Behind the back of the Emperor, the Mountains symbolize the serious foundations of life, the inviolability and power of the figure itself.

Examining the map, one can see that the wise Emperor, the personification of the masculine divine principle, the facet of the Father-God, sits on the throne. The purple tulips and blooming spring flowers, a symbol of royal high power, emphasize the paternal influence of the figure. The absence of weapons from the Emperor says that he uses experience and life wisdom. It is these high qualities that help to rule and maintain calm and peace in your kingdom.

The meaning of the card for a fortuneteller speaks of leadership in the family, work, among friends and acquaintances. This is a balanced and very responsible person. The card indicates that the Emperor (gender is not important) controls all life situations in a balanced manner and with a cool head. The card in the scenario for the fortuneteller symbolizes the father, husband, but it can also be the boss.

The emperor is in the scenario – wait for a promotion, it may also mean a transition to a more promising and paid job. It may testify to the fortuneteller that he is a leader in the family or at work, among friends.

The key of the card is male protection, strong calm energy, responsibility, balance, a loving husband and father.

The Emperor is associated with the gods Zeus, Osiris, Jupiter.

Astrology – Aries.

An inverted card speaks of the fortuneteller’s poor self-discipline, problems in the family, with parents, authorities, in the service. She also points out that if you do not correct the situation, you can get a demotion (dismissal) at work.

Strengthening and Weakening of the Emperor card

The Hierophant strengthens the Emperor with their outward manifestation of life, a symbol of love for others. The card of Justice by its passion for life. The Two of Wands is devotion and good intentions, and the Four of Pentacles is confidence in the achievement of material wealth.

The Empress weakens the Emperor with her eternal secret, the three of swords with grief, the five of swords with darkened thoughts, the seven of cups with her confusion and the imaginary illusion of victory.