The Haged Man Major Arcana Tarot

The Haged Man Major Arcana Tarot

The twelfth card of the Major Arcana, the Hanged Man, symbolizes renunciation.

The figure on the map is hung upside down on the branches of an ash tree, which speaks of self-control, selfishness. The opportunity to understand and accept a different order of things, step on the path of spiritual development and comprehend the Lord more fully.

The young man is calm – his position can mean initiation or a transition to another state. A luminous halo on the indulgence of epiphany. The bright sky indicates that there is nothing to be afraid of, it is necessary to let go of everything old that caused pain and suffering in order to find peace and new life wisdom. The adept is waiting for new discoveries and a new chapter of life.

Norwegian legends say that Odin, in order to obtain ancient knowledge about the runes, hung on the world tree. It is in such a suspended state by the right leg that the figure of a suspended young man indicates that he, as One, will find answers to all his life questions, a transitional moment in life will come for him. This is what the Hanged Man so desires. Coins pour out of the young man’s pocket, symbolizing that everything that happened before is such a trifle that you just need to forget about, because new better times will come. Juicy green grass indicates that the time has come for a new round of life, because only in the spring after the awakening of nature from hibernation, life is reborn, from one state of transition to another. Wisdom is what our Hanged Man will gain.

The white stockings of the hanged man are a symbol of pacification.

Symbolizes the subconscious blue caftan on the figure of a hanged man, Rope, as a symbol of connection with the Universe. The tree itself is, of course, a symbol of Life.

In the scenario, you can tell the adept that you need to look around and look at things with different eyes. You need to make a decision and give up something in order to comprehend wisdom, and set off on the road to new spiritual discoveries. It is necessary to give up the illusion of control, just like the character of the card, to turn everything around and learn from the situations that have arisen, with which life abundantly presents us. You need to relax for a while, having the patience to wait. Resistance to life changes can exacerbate a dramatic situation. It is necessary, with a cool head, to carefully interpret the signs of life indicated by the Tarot or runes. It is necessary to calmly and patiently cross the transitional line in order to reveal all the secrets.

The key is to relax calmly and accept the changes in life, the dedication. A new look and a new round of life, like a fresh breath of air.

One divine association of the Hanged Man.

Neptune – astrology.

An inverted card indicates an adept who is in a stupor, the impossibility or unwillingness to move on, forward in life.

Strengthening and Weakening of the card in the layout

The Mage weakens his activity, where calmness is necessary, 4 of Pentacles by maintaining control, 7 wands by his defiant behavior and confrontation, where this is not necessary, the time has not yet come for such a struggle, the Chariot is unnecessary at this stage self-affirmation.

The Strength card reinforces, indicating that the adept has gained patience and is simply gaining the time necessary for further actions, 10 swords by sacrifice, the High Priestess says that the fortuneteller has reduced activity and is in a state of waiting. The time will come and everything will fall into place.