Temperance Major Arcana Tarot

Temperance Major Arcana Tarot

The fourteenth card of the Major Arcana Temperance in the center of the card stands Irida, the goddess of the rainbow. The Greeks greatly revered this gentle goddess from whom joy and purity emanated. Having spread her golden wings, she is dressed in a white flowing dress, stands at the very bank of the river, one leg is immersed in transparent water, the decoration of the snow-white dress is a golden triangle symbolizing creativity and balance. The figure of the goddess is neither in the water nor on the shore, it can be interpreted that the Goddess is in 2 worlds at the same time. This beautiful and magical place symbolizes a transitional state of mind and body.

In the hands of Irida are two golden goblets, she pours water from one goblet into another. Fresh water flows and falls directly into the second goblet. All this action indicates an alchemical transformation, the Goddess mixing liquids in golden goblets, seeking to obtain a properly balanced mixture. Irida is surrounded by a meadow with lush green grass at the feet of irises grow. Iris is a symbol of an eloquent message; it is these charmingly delicate flowers that are suitable for a messenger. After all, irises are named after the Goddess Irida.

Far behind the main figure of the map, the crown of the rising sun is visible in the sky, symbolizing spiritual rebirth and, as it were, hinting at the secret of eternal life. The road to the visible mountains runs deep into the map – this, of course, is the path of moderation. Following this path, it is possible to achieve harmony between the spiritual nature of man and the material. Only by following the path of knowledge can one achieve moderation in all one’s deeds.

The key of the card is the work of transformation and revival, the search for divine messages and balance, Restraint, moderation and tact.

The Temperance card is associated with the goddesses Hebe and Iris.

The constellation Sagittarius is an astrological association.

In an inverted position means addictions, imbalance, inappropriate behavior and actions.

Strengthening and Weakening of the card in the layout

Strengthens the Temperance Tower card with its extreme energy and gap, 5 pentacles with esoteric symbols, 5 wands with rivalry and disagreement, 5 swords with disharmony.

Weakens the 3 and 2 of Pentacles, one by combined work in a team, the other by balance, the 3 of Cups by connection, and the World by synthesis, combination and unity.